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Good can always be great. That’s why we’ve never stopped perfecting our Sopolish colour formulas. As a result we created the most professional gel polish colours of them all. There is no greater satisfaction as a nail professional than to work with the best products and to get a perfect and beautiful result every single time. That’s what Sopolish Colours will give you thanks to its SUPERIOR COLOUR FORMULA.

Why would you choose Sopolish? 

Having a gel polish service is your salon is a great idea. Choosing Sopolish will give you a product that is easily applied with a guaranteed professional result. The colours give an impressive coverage in 2 thin layers without striping. There is no retraction of the colour on the nail. And probably the best reason to choose Sopolish: it doesn’t damage the nails.


If you have it? Show it!

Sopolish is available in nearly 200 different colours. Where do you start when you only have 10 nails to polish? Help your customers in selecting the perfect colour for them. You as a nail stylist are the expert and even a colour-advisor. Show-off the colours you have in your salon by presenting them in one of the available displays. Depending on the size of your colour-collection you can select the display to perfectly fit your needs.

Do you want to present the new collection? Opt for the Sopolish Display where you can present 8 colours. This small display can be placed on your workstation. Each season we update the visual to match the new collection.

Do you need more? The Sopolish Wall Display provides space for 52 bottles. You can choose to hang it on your wall or on a free standing base on a counter. Immediately impact guaranteed.

How to choose the perfect colour?

How are you customers choosing their colour? Instagram? Pinterest? A magazine or right there on the spot in your salon?

We have a new way of helping you and your customers in selecting the right colour: the brand-new colourtool on our website. Discover how a specific shade looks on the nails. Or select just the perfect red to match your dress. It’s super easy for your customers to use it as an inspiration before their next visit to your salon.

And for you as a nail stylist, we offer a direct shoppable link so that you can immediately buy that perfect shade of pink all your customers are asking for.

Use the tool in your salon when talking about colour with your customers. Show how this colour would look on their nails. And let them scroll around and get inspired.

Do you want to discover our full colour-range? Try out the colourtool and enjoy your quest for the perfect shade. 

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